Architecture & Design


The property market is a fast moving one, and so the way in which people live, with thousands of new builds every year.  When designing we take into consideration affordability, sustainability and actual needs.  To keep the pace with the changes, new materials and the change of ownership over time, we make sure that our database knowledge and skills is regularly reviewed to remain up to date.  We take into account how people live, what people need and what’s truly important with the aim of creating optimised spaces and homes that bring people closer together, not forgetting any new planning regulations that may influence our work and character.

We are aware that due to the age of a property it may require special attention.  Noel’ Design takes pride in equipping the technicians with up-to-date information on the history of the properties and their age, all in an effort to maintain the general aesthetic and at the same time providing durable and practical solutions. 

We do not decide on the concept for our design, instead, concepts are brought to us from the information gathered from you the client and other professionals.

Concepts are selected on the basis of a number of factors, including the location of development, planning requirements and and/or restrictions, our clients’ way of life, needs, budget,existing and future usage, environmental impact and existing condition.  Our design and guidance is then drafted by coloberating the information gathered.

We provide interior and exterior design-comercial & residential | space layout and design | kitchen design- modern and classic | bathroom design |dwelling homes | studio flats | minimalistic home design | mobile home | tiny homes |car parks and landscape design.

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