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Over the years drawings and paintings were only done as a hobby, from a primary age till today it has been the thing I love to do most in my downtime.  My Mom called it a gift some call it raw skills however I simply call it an eye for detail.  It is a skill that was never really progressive, it was always there within me.  I have never seen it as anything but natural and thought it was something everyone and anyone can do if they tried it or wanted to do it.  Over the  years I have done hundreds of paintings and I have never really seen it as income generator or a business venture but as my well loved hobby which I have used to turn wherever I live into a mini art gallery.

Due to my involuntary love for art, I have lived my entire life like paint and canvas in the hand of an artist. My basic instinct for balance, harmony and rhythm has compelled me to see life as more than an act, action or an object and to see life as art “an internal appreciation of balance and harmony (beauty) and therefore an aspect of being human beyond utility.

In my head I think of my life as a canvas, and of myself and what I do as as an unfinished piece of art on that canvas, this piece has undergone constant change, and refining, some call it being a perfectionist, all-or-nothing or high standards. Others call it extreme, however I have always thought of it as “I just want to get it right” this piece has constantly undergone change, “so what” painting over and starting new episodes and putting aside of the piece and picking it up again.  Then one day I realised that true perfection in art is what the artist has achieved internally, the appreciation of balance, beauty and harmony, providing a way to experience one’s self in relation to the universe and giving birth to unlimited practical skills and mental theories.

“Pure art is whatever the artist intended for it to be” –  Aaron Noel

I have sold my art in the past but I have never done my art with intent to sell and many of my art pieces have never been shown to anyone.

However, I have now decided to allow you to buy by order only. Your piece will be custom made for you, preferably not for resale.   You may have a favourite photograph, scenery, landscape, your favourite landmark. Your portrait can also be done from a photograph provided or can it be taken by me.

Currently the medium used for my work is acrylics on canvas.

If you find yourself interested in my art please e-mail: or call +447429030200

“Remember if its not listed it doesn’t mean I cannot do it, so feel free to ask”